Pics: Jon Van Daal


The 2012 Nitro Champs saw the competitive debut of the Godzilla Motorsport R35 GT-R - the latest full chassis race car to come from the ITP stable in Western Australia. We caught up with owner/driver Mark Jacobsen at the conclusion of the event.



"We licensed the car the week before, launching a few times to get the clutch right and then running it to half track. It didn't twitch or mess around, it left straight and it felt really good so I was confident enough to run it out the back door in round one qualifying at the Nitro Champs."



"The plan for the first pass was just to run it down the track and see what it did. It only had 32psi in it and left soft with a 1.11sec sixty foot time. It ran a 4.5 @ 155mph to the half on that pass. I lifted in top but it felt really good."



On the next pass the car launched well but then had an issue that saw Mark get out of the throttle after a promising launch.


"The CDI dropped three cylinders on that run. We went through the logs and three of the EGT's dropped right off. It was finished so I borrowed one from Joe Signorelli. On the last pass the clutch slipped its arse off because we had some extra boost in it and hadn't allowed for it. Honestly, I'm not used to the car yet but we'll get there. I'm happy with how it went and there is a heap of potential there."



All in all, Mark says it was a great meeting with a lot of positives to come out of it.


"It was the car's first meeting so I'm going to pull the motor out of the car and check everything to make sure it's all good. Collin Willshire has hired the track to test in the next week or two so I'll probably tack onto that day and get some more laps in. I can't wait to get back out there and run a six second pass!"


The Godzilla Motorsport R35 GT-R's next event is the Winternationals at Willowbank Raceway on June 8th-11th.