Despite still being in testing, Mark Jacobsen and his R35 claimed the title of World's Quickest & Fastest RB yesterday at Willowbank Raceway with an awesome 6.84s @ 204mph pass.



His car is an ITP Racecars built RJ chassis, powered by a Nitto stroked 3.2-litre RB motor. Hanging off the side of the head is a 94mm Precision Pro Mod billet turbo.



The outright RB record was previously held by RIPS in New Zealand, and Mark was clearly stoked to have the record on Aussie soil.



Naturally, Mark's RB runs on methanol, and shifts its horsepower through a Lenco five-speed transmission.



In testing yesterday Mark only ran one launch and one full pass, with the 6.84 coming on that pass. The car was bouncing off the limiter in third gear, and the clutch was far from locked up in top.



So far the RB in Mark's car is still receiving less than 50psi, which is a fair way short of the 60psi+ it's expected to handle when the time comes.



"With that boost it should be a 6.50 car," said Adrian from Zoom Magazine. We're certain it's got some even quicker ETs in it.



Mark has said once he's achieved what he wants with the RB, the chassis will cop a VR (R35 GT-R motor) which is currently in the build.



Another test and tune takes place in two weeks time which will see the GT-R hit the track again in the lead up to Queensland Jamboree in September. The Factory Xtreme category is reaching fever pitch, so keep your eyes on Performance Garage for the latest.