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Gup, the man behind the infamous Powercruise events, is not a one to do things by half-measures so when he announced the $50,000 would be up for grabs at Powercruise 37’s burnout competition, jaws hit the floor!



“It was a lot different to any other event I’ve been to,” says Fred Watson, the man who steered his mean Monaro known as ‘FEAR’ to victory over the weekend and claimed the $50,000 prize. “Normally these events are all fun but you’re talking about a lot of money here so everyone was a bit more focused than usual.”



“I saved the car all weekend until that burnout,” he continues. “I didn’t push it too hard in the lead-up and just concentrated on setting a routine that was different to what everyone else did.”


“Going last or towards the end is always an advantage and I was lucky enough to go last. It’s a mindset thing; if you go early you feel like you have to push harder and harder so that you can’t be outdone by someone who goes after you so you’re more likely to make mistakes.”



“I was quite calm and content going out there, actually a bit more relaxed than I thought I’d be. The pad at Queensland Raceway is pretty big so I had a lot of room to play with. The plan was to just keep moving, staying in front of the smoke but not moving too fast where I could easily get into trouble.”



“It’s like a big weight off your shoulders as soon as you blow those tyres. All of the gauges were reading perfect and the car had run great, I was happy. If I blow both tyres, the car is going good and I feel good, I feel like I’ve won despite what the judges say. I was just lucky that they agreed!”


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