It’s all stock officer, we swear; Dane Sandilands’ mental 501wkW 2.3L Evo V barely looks like it’s been modified at all

Photos by Eric Tang

It was having his backside handed to him by a mate’s mildly-modified 270kW Evo IX that prompted Dane to go well beyond his initial round of mods to the original engine

A 2.3L stroker was built specifically for the task of making epic power, as you can witness for yourself above, and it takes in up to 45psi from a Precision 6466 CEA turbo

Driveability is somewhat aided by a lightened flywheel and, surprisingly, a standard 5-speed gearbox. It also has a Quartermaster 8-leg twin-plate clutch

The bodywork and exterior are actually more sedate than they were originally thanks to the removal of the rear wing, making it look more like an ordinary Lancer sedan with bits of an Evo bodykit than the stupendously powerful machine that it really is

The interior also fails to really set off any alarm bells to unsuspecting passengers. The seats are the original Recaro pews and the only clues that not quite everything is normal are the Racepak instrumentation and a couple of extra gauges mounted low in front of the gear shifter

There’s a full feature story on Dane’s mental 501wkW Evo V streeter in a special magazine called Performance Evos. Be quick to grab your copy while it’s still available