This modified Datsun 240Z is the subject of an RB26DETT conversion and plenty of other race-car hardware

Photos by Rohan Phillips

“Since I was little I have always loved the shape. I think all cars that have the long bonnet and fat ass just appeal to me” says Paul Henshaw, owner and creator of this very modified 240Z as well as Custom and Classic Cars in South Australia

“Originally, these cars had an L24 engine. When I purchased it there was a stock RB25 in it. After a year or so I grabbed a broken RB26 and, being mates with Darren Lewis from Lewis Engines, it wasn’t long before big plans were hatched”

“Steve at Jazmac spent a lot of time on the dyno changing cam timing etc. to give the best mid-range possible. The end result is less total HP, but the mid-range and torque curves are great.” With 18psi it makes a thrilling 350rwkW and the motor itself is capable of taking up to 30psi

The car was also red when he bought it and he has changed his mind twice about what colour it should be, finally settling on an orange hue available on these cars originally

Meanwhile the interior, suspension and bodywork are all very much oriented towards getting this car through the corners as fast as possible, plus some big brakes to pull it up on the way into those corners

There is a full feature to be found on Paul’s RB26DETT-powered 240Z is issue 213 of Zoom Tuned, available now