We give you the low down on Leon Davies, owner-operator of Big L’s Chop Shop

Photos by Shawn McCann

Leon Davis grew up on a small farm with two brothers and three sisters, and their dad was a truckie who was a do-it-yourselfer when it came to mechanical repairs

This country-style upbringing led to Leon teaching himself how to modify cars and do metal fabrication work, and he started his business by doing work on the side whilst working a regular job as a forklift driver

When Leon started doing fabrication full-time a few years ago he first contracted to a couple of hot rod shops who needed extra specialist work done for them. Since 2013 he has been dealing with his own customers directly in a shed that he rents from his parents on their property

As a member of the Beaters Car Club he is best known for taking his custom 1948 Ford F1 pickup out on cruises but he has also built many other vehicles for himself, for friends and for an ever-increasing number of customers

A few of the vehicles in the shop at the time of the photo shoot were Leon’s own projects and the rest belong to various customers. Leon’s own include the F1 already mentioned, a rare XK Falcon sedan delivery, an XP Falcon ute with special-effect paint on the roof and a black 1979 Ford F100 that also has special-effect paint on the roof

The customer cars include a hot rod with a Ford Model A body on a ’32 Ford chassis, as well as a ’59 Chevrolet Apache pickup and an XP Falcon sedan, all getting a long list of fabrication and conversion work done

There was also a yellow XK Falcon wagon in for air-bag suspension, a black ’52 Chev truck that had already been modified for his mate Poza, and a ’49 Ford Single Spinner that Leon originally bought and built for himself before selling it and agreeing to do a roof chop prior to its new owner taking delivery

There is plenty more to be said about Big L’s Chop Shop and we’ve said it all in a full feature that you’ll find in issue 42 of Performance Garage magazine, available free with other titles like Street Fords and Street Commodores, or on its own in digital format CLICK