With 711hp from a supercharged Small Block this VK is pumped and ready blow the tyres off and start ridin’ on rims

Photos by Ralf Schubert

32 year old Kara Brown kicks off the story by saying her 1984 VK was “bought as a daily – ended up being a skid car.” And what a skid car it has turned into, not just sounding spectacular but looking it too even when Kara isn’t busy making the front and rear tyres violently disagree about what speed the car should be doing

The car didn’t just go straight from stocker to blown beast though, it took a stop along the way with an aspirated LS3 V8 under the bonnet, providing plenty of torque, power and noise for smoke-engulfed circle work. It has also received plenty of other mods as well including mini-tubs, modified suspension front and rear, a tough driveline, a modified Grange interior and more

Here is Kara smashing tyres at the Badass Burnouts in 2014, that is until the aspirated LS3 engine in it at the time lets go. ‘Drive it like you stole it’ certainly seems to be her style, which is how you have to treat a car when you’re in a competition on the burnout pad

The broken LS3 has been replaced with a supercharged Small Block Chev-style V8. A Dart Little M block, Eagle crank and rods and a set of CP pistons and rings all aim to prevent another terminal failure part-way into a competitive performance, as does running it on E85 through a pair of Quickfuel carbs

The new blown engine has taken the car up to a new level of toughness and Kara has shown it even less mercy than before by smashing tyres, and the rev counter, harder than ever. This skid ends in a fluid fire that has to be put out before Kara can leave the pad

There’s a full feature story about Kara’s blown VK burnout car in issue 242 of Street Commodores magazine. Grab your copy now either in print or in digital format through Zinio CLICK bit.ly/StreetCommodoresZinio