Fuel flow is critical for any motor, and knowing the limits of your setup is key to a safe tune. If you've ever wanted to find out what size fuel injectors your engine needs, or how much power a particular set of injectors can deliver - now you can. Our mates at EFI Hardware have released an iPhone app that is capable of exactly that!

The Injector Flow Calculator lets you work out horsepower and kW ratings of injectors taking into account both your engine type, and the type of fuel you are using. It can calculate in both directions. If you're planning to build up a new motor, this is exactly what you need to choose the right injectors.

You can enter your expected/potential engine power, and the Injector Flow Calculator app will tell you what size injectors you will need to produce that much power!

You can switch the Injector Flow Calculator to use your preferred units of measurement. Injector Flow: CC/Min or Lbs/Hour. Engine Power: HP or kW. Use the duty cycle function to determine the maximum available fuel flow of any set of injectors.


Choose the engine type you have to ensure the most accurate injector size. You can specify your chosen fuel type, naturally aspirated or boosted engine, etc. It is totally flexible and is able to suit your fuel injector and engine type calculation requirements.

Right now this app is available to download for FREE, but it won't always be. Get into the App Store now and grab it while you can. Be sure to 'Like' the EFI Hardware Facebook page and follow the awesome stuff they're doing. Check it out and more info on the app by clicking here