Anthony Risk’s 1966 Mustang coupe is low, mean and loud, and his little boy just loves it

Photos by Andreas Photography

“At first my two year old boy Christian could not fathom the sound or the mean look” begins 35 year old truck manager Anthony Risk. “Now he cannot spare a minute out of it. The car was built around him”

Anthony’s 1966 Ford Mustang coupe is certainly a sinister-looking and sounding creation, so little Christian’s reaction is entirely understandable, as is his attachment to daddy’s car now that he has grown accustom to it

The car was built to be a very tough cruiser and that’s exactly what Anthony does with it, taking it to shows, events and the SW Sydney hang-out spot of the parking lot around Harry’s Café de Wheels near Liverpool as seen in these FP posts below

The Mustang has quite a few modifications, including to the body to tidy and smooth it substantially as well as tubs to fit the very big 20x10in rear wheels. There is also a 351ci Windsor V8 providing the angry noise and attitude befitting the pristine black paint

There’s a full feature story on Anthony’s 1966 Mustang coupe in issue 140 of Street Fords magazine, available now in print or online through Zinio CLICK