Shaun Peatt loves driving his 9-second 383ci LS1 turbo 1993 Statesman sleeper

Photos by Shawn McCann

“It’s been with me for 10 years and we’ve had our ups and downs. Lately, since the LS1 conversion, it’s been all up” says Shaun. It has had a few engine combinations in that time but the current turbo 383ci is his favourite, for obvious reasons

The engine was rebuilt and tuned by Jason at JCA. With hand-ported heads, an Edelbrock manifold, a Turbonetics 76/76 billet turbocharger and other supporting hardware it made 720hp on E85 and the best pass on the quarter mile is an unbelievable 9.84@144mph

It’s only using 13.5psi at the moment and it has a T400 transmission as well as a standard suspension configuration with standard undercarriage bodywork, wheel arches an all. Shaun does want to add mini-tubs so that he can fit something wider than the little 235/60/15 tyres he has previously used on the drag strip

Visually Shaun has simply made it look like a lowered Caprice with a shallow VK SS bonnet cowling and big wheels. Oh yeah, there are also some VZ guard flutes

A full feature story on Sahun’s 9-sec turbo LS1 Statesman sleeper can be found in issue 241 of Street Commodores magazine, available now on the shelf or in didital format CLICK bit.ly/StreetCommodoresZinio