With looks worth showing and enough power to race nearly anything this stunning 690rwhp 20B turbo RX3 was actually built to cruise

Photos by Eric Tang

The car’s owner Rob, also known as Poundy, bought it as a bare shell in primer, built it up once, sold it, bought it back for his daughter’s school formal and then decided to keep the car and make it even more impressive than it already was

Troy Visser at VIS Rotary undertook the bulk of the mechanical work which included building the turbocharged 20B rotary engine for it. It makes more power than the sun which is rather blinding when it reflects off all the polished surfaces to be found under the bonnet

Meanwhile the custom interior was the work of X-Trim, combining a race car theme with luxury materials, making it feel more like a modern Italian exotic inside than a classic, once-affordable, Japanese icon

The undercarriage detail is also stunning, but the car was built to be driven, as hard as that is to believe. “Mostly it’s just to take it out cruising to Harry’s Café and to enjoy it” says Poundy

There is a complete feature on POUNDZ in the August 2015 issue of Fast Fours & Rotaries magazine, available now in print or in digital format CLICK bit.ly/FastFoursRotariesZinio