The rumours are TRUE! The 12-rotor engine's creator Tyson Garvin has confirmed with Performance Garage that his company Apex Manufacturing and Design LLC are building a 12-rotor engine for a super car to break some land speed records.



The images you see here are of an earlier model built for a boat and although Tyson tells us that the land-loving version will be slightly different, we’re still extremely excited by the initial figures.



Naturally aspirated on 87 octane pump fuel this thing is said to make 1440hp and 900ft.lbs of torque and will do so for 400 hours of use. With the wick wound up and a bit of boost thrown into the mix, it is capable of an incredible 3600hp!



With 3 banks of 4 rotors, this beast displaces a massive 960ci and as you can see, Tyson has put a lot of thought into the design. You can check out the full spec list on the 12Rotor website.



For now he is keeping things under wraps but we can confirm that a four-wheeled version is on the way. You’ll be seeing it first right here at Performance Garage so stay tuned!